More ‘Whee!’ Less ‘Woe is Me.’

September, by whatever agency decrees these things, is self-improvement month.  Really.  I looked it up and everything. Last week, in response to one of my standard mopey Tweets, a friend chided me in a very direct fashion.  Then a few days later I received a call from my sister who responded to my similar mopey […]

Break the Molds, Get out of Ruts

The absolute worst thing for creativity is repetition. Repetition is wonderful for developing skills, learning how to do something really well, but it kills creativity. Repetition allows the creative parts of the mind to shut down. It sort of kicks back, flips on the TV, and watches five hours of Singing and Dancing Chef Models […]

Kevin Smith (@ThatKevinSmith) Drops Some Personal Growth Knowledge on Us

I woke up on time, started making coffee, laid back down while the machine did it’s magical mystical marvelous job and accidentally fell back asleep. In my second effort to get up I decided to check out Twitter and see what has been happening in the world at 140 characters at a time. I caught […]