Universal Geek: Dioramas of Quantum Mechanics

The prodigal podcaster returns and we rejoice. Jeff, Bleu, and Sean converse about the Jonathon Coulton concert and other nerd music before diving into topics of science, zombies and other random geekery that caught their attention through the week.  Yes, this episode is EXPLICIT because Sean just needed to drop an ‘F’ bomb. [display_podcast] Show […]

Universal Geek: Stalked by Adult Diaper Ads

Abandoned by Jeff, Bleu and Sean push on and take their geeky perspective onto subjects ranging from advertising, Apple, Google, sleep, productivity… dear lord, where do they stop? This episode could be called TangentCast.  And let’s not forget the doughnuts and the food of The Game of Thrones. [display_podcast]

Universal Geek – C2E2 UberNerd!

[display_podcast] C2E2 has come and gone. This week Universal Geek offers two, two, two hosts. Jeff Couturier from the excellent webcomic Horde of Neurons joins me to dissect the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.