Stand Tall, Be Bold, and Expect Good Things

From the previous entry I discussed risk tolerance and posture, I know that posture does have a biological effect on the human body.  Certain postures associated with ‘being in power’ actually create more testosterone in the body while decreasing the hormone associated with stress – cortisol.  As irrational as it may seem, this means if […]

Desire Helps Attain Goals

Have you ever wanted something so much it seemed inevitable that you would get it? A recent study conducted by Emily Balcetis and David Dunning and published in a paper called Wishful Seeing analyzed people’s perception in relation to their desires.  When estimating distance to something they really want, people general believed the object was […]

How to Manage a Pessimist

Pessimists are people too and deserve the same respect as everyone else. Okay, that isn’t as great a rallying cry as I thought it would be.  In life, there are people who will be pessimistic and people who will be optimistic.  You and I will end up working with some of these people.  Optimists, while […]