Nobody Uses the Internet on Friday

Yo, surfa, you looking for a good time? I’ve seen you cruisin’ the streets, you’ra lookin’ for action and action is what I’ve got for you.  Don’t worry, there ain’t no one around. It’s Friday.  Nobody uses the Internet on Friday.  This is just between you and me and the tens of thousands of servers […]

Nobody Uses the Internet on Friday – Love Edition

I woke up, discovered it was Friday and realized that the Internet wasn’t being used. As we all know, no one uses the Internet on Fridays so I figured I’d open it up and see what I could find while no one was looking. It has not slipped by me that we are on the […]

Nobody Uses the Internet on Friday: Below the Fold Edition

Salutations brethren of the digital life. On this Friday I’m dong doing something a little different.  I became fascinated with news sites this week and I figured since it is Friday and nobody is using the Internet we could play a little game.  Okay, it isn’t much of a game since there is no interaction […]

Nobody Uses the Internet on Friday: Aflockalypse Friday

It’s 2011 and everything is different. At least the last number of the 4 digits of the year is different.  It’s a start. Change happens slowly. Today is the first Friday of the new year and you know what that means? It means the Internet is not being used. Yes, listen to that… the gazillion […]