Solutions and Resolutions

Everywhere I read, I see people writing about their resolutions for 2011. Weight-loss, stop smoking, and a variety of self-improvement steps are all resolved. I know a lot of people have jumped on the anti-resolution bandwagon. They decry resolutions as a tool of procrastination. Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today. There […]

Stand Tall, Be Bold, and Expect Good Things

From the previous entry I discussed risk tolerance and posture, I know that posture does have a biological effect on the human body.  Certain postures associated with ‘being in power’ actually create more testosterone in the body while decreasing the hormone associated with stress – cortisol.  As irrational as it may seem, this means if […]

Five Steps To Forgiving Yourself

It may seem like I am hammering the forgiveness topic to death but it really is something that weighs heavily on my mind.  I often find myself being blindsided by things in the past that I still beat myself up for.  I can be in the shower, writing, doing dishes, or even watching television and […]