Does Smell Hold the Secret to Creative Success?

The idea of ‘sleeping on a problem’ is well known and accepted as a perfectly acceptable way of dealing with a mental block.  A new study performed by a team led by Simone Ritter of the Radboud University Behavioral Science Institute in the Netherlands successfully linked smell with the success of ‘sleeping on it’.

Participants in the study were asked to watch a video on volunteerism before being asked for ideas on how to motivate people to volunteer more of their time. The participants were to sleep on the problem and provide ideas in the morning. Two-thirds of the participants watched the video and told the problem while exposed to a vanilla-orange scent.

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Conflict As a Source of Creativity

“Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas.”
Donatella Versaci

Conflict is supposed to be a source of creativity.  Really, it is a known thing. Not only does Donatella Versaci know it, but there is a whole area of thought devoted to it: Hegelian Dialectic.

The Hegelian Dialectic in simple terms is defined in the following way.  Thesis and Antithesis combine in a Crisis producing Synthesis. Then the cycle starts anew with the Synthesis being a new Thesis, generating a new Antithesis and a new Crisis.

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Inspiration From Twtspire

Recently I decided I wanted to take on a web project to brush off my website development skills. Yet, trying to find that idea to turn into a website was difficult. I know how to create blogs. I also know how to make blogs that die on the vine due to not being updated. I know how to create single note boring banal sites that no one really wants, needs, or cares about. In my research, I stumbled upon a really fascinating website…  Twtspire takes people’s tweets asking for websites and apps and presents them.  It is really a very simple site.

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Fear Prevents You From Enjoying Life

I write about fear often because it is something that plagues my life. Fear actively prevents my happiness and I know it. I know just how devastating fear is. I rationally can say “my fear is preventing me from doing something I want” yet I can’t seem to rationalize with that lizard brain of mine. The gut feeling that tells me not to do it, that feeling is fed by fear.

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Bride of Sharron County

Originally Published in Ariadne’s Thread.

She sat at the end of the bar night after night. The only person she would speak to was Jim, the bartender. And even then it was just to place her order. There were rumors floating around about her. Supposedly she was left at the altar and never recovered. Some of the patrons of the Gorgon’s Den even said she would put on her wedding dress and walk around the county, looking for her true love, the man who abandoned her on that fateful day.

Oh, there were other more dismal rumors, like the one about her killing her fiancée the night before and putting on the charade at the church to seal her alibi. But that didn’t fit. There would be no reason for her to hang around if she was a killer who got away with it. The truth will probably never be known. Night after night, though, she would come into the bar, sit at the end, nurse a cocktail for an hour and then leave. For over two years she had done this, which only caused more weird rumors to float about. Continue reading “Bride of Sharron County”

Boyd & Hash: Player Two

Time to level up and enjoy the second Boyd & Hash. I spoke about the comic briefly on the podcast, Universal Geek, and it really is just a carry over of my enjoyment of writing ‘bits’, tiny jokes that don’t really go anywhere. In my previous web comic effort, I wrote a storyline comic but since I don’t draw, the limitations of the stories began to grow and I spent more time ‘building sets’ (backgrounds) instead of writing.