Don’t Play With Yourself on Valentine’s Day

I’ve written about St. Valentine’s Day a lot in my life. Something about this day sticks in my craw. I’m a romantic but like New Year’s Eve, every Valentine’s Day I’ve tried to make special usually fell flat. The expectations of certain events are difficult to meet and exceed. I really do think of myself as romantic, but I’m also very closed and cautious. Romantic gestures can also turn into really cheeseball moves if the person on the receiving end isn’t on the same level.

Normally, this time of year, I pimp out a piece I wrote a long time ago called Valloween (read my anti-Valentine’s Day rant).

This year instead of just pushing cynicism, I’m doing something different and fighting the banality I hate about Valentine’s Day. Think outside the box regarding what you do with your loved one on the 14th. What I’m going to suggest is play a game. The following are games perfect for two people to learn and play together. Some are quick, some are strategic, some are luck based, and some will end in flipped tables and angry words, but this is Valentine’s Day, that was bound to happen to someone anyway. Sorry, I just can’t keep my cynicism at bay.

Instead of Seven Deadly Sins, this year, you get Seven Fun Games For Two People. See? I’m capable of change!

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Four Tips To Being Motivated

Welcome to motivation season.

What is motivation season? It is that time of year we find a reason to do the things we know we need to do.  Winter is a hard time for me and many like me to get motivated.  Holiday parties, Christmas shopping, cooking, and the everyday chores all require energy and effort.  Now add in simple things like getting motivated to get out of bed on those cold winter mornings! Yikes!

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The Neuroscience of Creativity

I still believe that sitting down and reading a book is the best way to really learn something. – Eric Schmidt

Recently, I wrote about the role of noise in creativity and how to use the sense of smell to encourage creative problem solving.  I even wrote a small post on conflict spurring creativity.  Yes, there is a trend. I’ve been pondering creativity for a long while.

Baroness Susan Greenfield gave a speech at an event called Mind and Its Potential where she discussed the brain and its role in creativity.  It isn’t as simple as you might think.

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Why Writing Your Novel at Starbucks Isn’t a Bad Idea


Hear the hiss of steam coming from the nozzle of the espresso machine? The murmuring sounds of people in conversations about their upcoming vacations, their late night escapades, and their fears about their careers fill in the gaps between the tinny sounds of the cash drawer opening and closing and the occasional electronic noises emitting from nearby phones, laptops, and tablets. Welcome to the coffee shop – filled with so many different noises writing a novel, planning a project, or doing any sort of creative work must be incredibly difficult. Yet, look around and you’ll see people tap-tap-tapping away at keyboards writing the next great bit of fan fiction.

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