Universal Geek: There’s No Laughter in 60 Minutes

Once more we have be driven back into Jeff’s Frost Cave to record.  The heat is diving 2/3rds of us mad and making 1/3rd of us very happy and energetic.  Sean even totally loses the ability to form words by the end of the podcast… and this is while IN the Frost Cave.  Who knows… […]

Universal Geek: Do Awesome Things Because It’s Awesome

Techweeks, Non-Cons, missing TARDIS, and Google love fill this week’s Universal Geek.  We are just four… FOUR episodes away from migrating to our brand spanking new site www.universal-geek.com.  The excitement is palpable.  Okay, it isn’t really palpable, that is just something I say when I’m trying to build hype.  There is no reason to build […]