Learn from the Best

What if I told you that you could learn culinary skills from some of the best chefs available? You’d be pleased. And if I told you that you didn’t need to pay for the opportunity, you’d be pleasantly pleased.

The good folks over at Lifehacker have put together some great video tutorials on knife work, omelette making, and chicken roasting as presented by Anthony Bourdain, Jacques Pepin, and Thomas Keller. I am a big fan of cooking shows but a lot of shows make assumptions about basic cooking techniques. They sort of have to because they are trying to present complex recipes in a limited time span so they can’t always cover the basics. Even for experienced cooks, there is real value in trying to learn basic techniques. Okay, if you are a really experienced cook then you have the basics down pat. For those of us who are clearly amateurs, learning some basics is good.

Five Hot Drinks for a Cold Winter’s Night

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean the fun stops. We still have several weeks of frigid temps, snow, and ice to contend with before the salvation of spring. How are we going to spend that time? I say we rub elbows with our friends over delightfully warm adult beverages.  Winter drinks are an […]