The Lost Islands of Online Communities

My very first online community was a dial-in BBS message board hosted by the school district. My friends and I would log in and leave messages there in the guise of our RPG characters. We were young and full of imagination. The thing is, among all the very serious conversations, no one cared what we were doing. I even had one person offer up the floor plans to the White House to help with a story I was planning. This was all done over 300 baud modem. If you don’t understand the word ‘baud’ don’t worry about it. Think ‘telegraph’ or ‘smoke signals’ and you’ll get the idea. This was not the way to transmit video, pictures (who had a scanner?!), or music. Just text all the time.
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5 Principles for Writing Compelling Blog Posts

While reading all the posts on a company’s blog, I came up with 5 principles to make your next blog post better than bad high school essay. If you haven’t had opportunity to read all the posts on a company’s blog, I really encourage you to do it because it is enlightening. I almost expected many of these posts to start with song lyrics or a quote from a historical figure barely relevant to the core topic the post intended to address. If I were to go through all the posts on my various blogs over the years, I’d find a third of them fall into this category. These posts are written when rushed, when trying to meet a deadline, when no ideas for unique content are coming to us. The problem is, these posts are painful to read. They rarely offer information anyone cares about, and are obvious filler.
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Why Use Internet Marketing for Your Business?

Using Internet Marketing for Your Business

In 2014 BrightLocal conducted their annual SMB Internet Marketing survey and found of the 700+ businesses participating in the survey, 37% percent were planning on spending more on Internet marketing in 2015. Of the respondents to the survey, 32% said Internet marketing was ‘very effective’ at bringing in new customers. About half of the companies surveyed said they spend less than $300 a month on Internet marketing.

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16 Digital Marketing Blogs to Read Daily

The amount of information being pumped onto the web at any given time is mind-boggling. ┬áSorting through all that information is a Herculean task and quite honestly, I don’t have the time. While I always try to seek out new and relevant sources of information, the truth is I have settled on a general list of blogs I refer to daily.

Sure a few posts from other blogs make it into my daily read list but only because it was curated via Twitter by someone I follow and trust to deliver good information. That is a whole other post.

Let’s get down to the list. What do I read daily (well, almost daily)?

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The Secret to Super Simple Social Media Engagement

Each summer I go to the Renaissance Faire in Bristol, Wisconsin. Yes, I’m one of those people, luckily this particular tale does not end in a sword fight in defense of my honor. Instead it is a story about a subtle bit of marketing done by one of the entertainers at the fair that I’ve applied to some of my social media marketing efforts.

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