D&D — Are You Making Initiative Too Complicated?

Hi, I’m Sean D. Francis and I’ve run RPGs since the early 80s. I do not pretend to have immense amounts of experience in game design, player psychology, or anything like that. I do not have revolutionary ideas on how to change games to make them better, in fact I err on the side of sticking with rules that are archaic and pointless out of an innate fear removing them will upset some gaming economy I don’t quite understand.

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No Spend September – Meal Planning

Hey, so my wife and I are doing this thing called No Spend September. Is it really a thing beyond our house? I have no idea. Doesn’t matter. This is the gist of what is going on. We had an expensive summer. I went on wild tech buying sprees (buying WordPress themes and plugins, buying tech, buying kitchen gadgets), we took a trip to Montana where I finally was able to buy my wife a Yogo sapphire ring – something I wanted to do for our wedding but finally accomplished for our 2 year anniversary. Not a cheap thing.

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A Simple SEO Strategy Small-Businesses Can Use to Get More from Their New Websites

Whether you are launching a brand new website or redesigning an existing website, as a small business, you have a certain expectation of results from your investment. In some cases, the small business website was created because you were told by friends, colleagues, and bloggers that all businesses need a website. You may not be quite sure why, other than no one uses the phone book anymore.

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Cleaning Up and Promoting Content On Your Website

Over the past two years, the company that gives me my daily bread has had a sharp focus on sales which not only included outbound sales efforts but inbound as well. As the Director of SEO, some of those inbound responsibilities rightfully fell on my shoulders. A set of tasks I was eager to take on.

Here’s the thing with the company’s website – it has a lot of content on it. There are blog posts on the site from 2007, that was the year the company was founded! Not all of these early blog posts were stellar content. Over there years, there have been a lot of ‘filler’ posts added to the blog. Continue reading “Cleaning Up and Promoting Content On Your Website”

Are We Asking Enough of Our Clients?

Are you familiar with the children’s story Many Moons? There are a few versions of it. I believe it was originally an African folk tale but the version I am most familiar with is the one written by James Thurber.

I’ve been thinking about this story a lot lately because in my day job as a mild mannered Director of SEO for a digital marketing company, I keep having the same kinds of conversations about client expectations and I feel like the answer is always the same: Let’s ask the client. Continue reading “Are We Asking Enough of Our Clients?”

Putting Skin in the SEO Game

How to start affiliate marketing
For almost 7 years, I’ve done marketing for other people’s websites. Lately, I’ve been wanting a bigger chunk of the pie and that has led me to delve into the world of affiliate marketing.

I’ve dabbled on the edges of affiliate marketing for past employers. They were mostly into lead generation, but the principles of getting a website in front of people and designing and writing it so it converts visitors is essentially the same.

In writing this, I admit I have hopes of putting together a tutorial of sorts, a map by which others can learn from my mistakes and successes. The harsh reality is I’m no Pat Flynn and my successes will most likely be minor and my failures many. I’ve read so many blogs about affiliate marketing, listened to podcasts, and taken online courses. Too many of these people, whom I never have heard of, claim to be making so much money doing this, yet they spend most of their time – at least from what I can tell – trying to sell each other ‘their secret formula’.
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