16 Digital Marketing Blogs to Read Daily

The amount of information being pumped onto the web at any given time is mind-boggling.  Sorting through all that information is a Herculean task and quite honestly, I don’t have the time. While I always try to seek out new and relevant sources of information, the truth is I have settled on a general list of blogs I refer to daily.

Sure a few posts from other blogs make it into my daily read list but only because it was curated via Twitter by someone I follow and trust to deliver good information. That is a whole other post.

Let’s get down to the list. What do I read daily (well, almost daily)?

1. googleblog.blogspot.com

It’s the official word about Google stuff so it really needs to be on the list. Almost everything else is a reaction to what is posted here. I like to make sure I’m reading the source material whenever possible. Read it here.

2. www.seroundtable.com

Everyone may have an opinion on Barry Schwartz, but honestly he is reading the forums, watching the videos, and sussing out tidbits of information not being caught anywhere else. This is a good catch-all site and a great visit if you are running low on time but still want to know if anything critical is happening in the world of search marketing. Read it here.

3. www.convinceandconvert.com/blog

Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert blog is a wealth of actionable information regarding content strategy, conversion optimization, and search engine optimization. Not everything covered is immediately useful but it is a reservoir of solid information. Read it here.

4. www.searchenginejournal.com

5. www.searchenginewatch.com

6. www.searchengineland.com

The trio of sites including searchenginewatch.com and searchengineland.com everyone who has a business reliant on how search engines function read. See something odd with your site rankings, check these sites out for early notice of potential Google updates. There is some overlap among these sites.  Read JournalRead WatchRead Land

7. www.moz.com/blog

A powerful resource, Moz.com, formerly seomoz.com has been a vital resource of information regarding Google’s algorithm. The blog, including their informative White Board Fridays, is a consistent source of well-researched information. Ignoring moz.com’s blog is like turning down a free meal when you are hungry. Moz does original research, creates complex but vital search marketing tools, and freely shares a lot of information. Their community is also an incredible source of awesome information for those who have specific questions. Read it here.

8. www.semrush.com/blog

SEMRush is a must have tool for any person actively engaged in SEO. The blog, while at times a bit self-serving, still remains a great source of ideas, explanations, and general information. I often find posts here that really help explain a complex concept simply which is useful when you have to discuss content marketing and SEO with someone unfamiliar with all of it. The blog also offers specific information on how to get more from the SEMrush tool, but those posts are a small percentage of the whole. So even if you aren’t a subscriber to SEMRush, you will still get valuable information from the blog. Read it here.

9. www.hubspot.com/marketing

Hubspot knows how to do content marketing. Everything about their site uses the principles they discuss in their blog. Just reading the blog and using the site is a lesson in advanced content marketing. Free offers of stock photography, templates for creating marketing profiles, and white papers on how to evaluate leads all for the price of personal information which gets used in luring you further into their marketing funnel. The kicker is all of these free offerings are totally worth it! Read it here.

10. www.contentmarketinginstitute.com

This was actually one of the first resources I subscribed to when I was getting started in the content marketing game. Their posts keep me informed on new tools and tips in content creation, trends in the content marketing field, and deep delves into how to use certain tools and platforms. Read it here.

11. www.orbitmediastudios.com/blog

I was once given a piece of advice in ‘how to socialize’ which amounted to ‘find the smartest person in the room and listen’. I was taken to an event Orbit Media put on by a friend and was awe-struck. Here was a company once again freely sharing their methods and knowledge. Subscribing to their blog was a no-brainer and it is one of the few blogs I get delivered to my email address because I do not want to miss it. Read it here.

12. blog.kissmetrics.com

I keep coming back to the Kissmetrics blog because in any given month it offers some great insights in online marketing. There is a great focus on metrics and analysis which I do appreciate. Trying to draw new information out of the pile of numbers my websites give me each month is a challenge I willingly accept help on. Read it here.

13. www.copyblogger.com/blog

Content marketing starts with great content and that is where Copyblogger has stepped in to help. What is great content? How do we create it? Knowing how to write is vital to great content marketing and Copyblogger devotes itself to helping people write better. Read it here.

14. http://www.highervisibility.com/blog

The subtitle of this blog is Online Marketing Tips: SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, and Design and it lives up to that promise. Each post is a snippet, a quick tip, regarding the essential elements of content marketing. Read it here.

15. http://www.seobook.com/blog

Once a month postings filled with stuff you may already know, may have heard about, or may have needed but didn’t realize it. The exploration of a single topic in a comprehensive blog post is very much appreciated. Read it here.

16. http://www.seerinteractive.com/blog

Seer Interactive’s blog serves as an additional resource for content marketing knowledge. It includes tutorials, lessons learned from experience, and answers to the basic questions we all have had at some point in our content marketing careers.  Read it here.

This is my list of blogs. What did I miss? What should I be reading that isn’t on this list? I’d love to get your feedback.