7 Digital Tools Discussed at SearchMetric Visibility_14

During the 2014 Searchmetrics Visibility conference in Chicago, several tools for digital marketers were mentioned by a few of the presenters.  I took the liberty of collecting all the one’s mentioned to me and putting them together in this list with a brief description of how and why to use them.

It seems as though the number of tools available for digital marketers keeps growing yet I find when I attend functions and talk with people in the industry, the actual tools used seems consistent.


Keyword research takes time and effort and there are many tools built into paid platforms but one of the best tools for keyword research is Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest takes the Google suggestion you get when you start typing in the Google search but amplifies it. With one search, you get all the possible results.

You can easily export all the keyword phrases you want which you can then put into Google Keyword Planner and Trends to determine if there is enough search volume to pursue the phrase.


A paid service, Grepwords is a keyword research tool. Grepwords uses regular expressions to help find keyword phrases.  Grepwords has a robust API which means many tools have been built using this platform.


Websites run on content and finding enough content can be difficult. Content Runner is a marketplace to find writers for the content you need on your website. One of the tools built into Content Runner is topic generation. This is not a computer generated list of topics, actual writers will generate the topics of your website for you.


Ahrefs.com has multiple SEO tools but it is best known for its backlink checker. One of the most important tasks of maintaining a website is monitoring the link profile.  Who is linking back to your site and what anchor text are they using?  A daily report on backlinks for a larger website is the only way to stop negative SEO before it affects your site’s ranking.

Ahrefs provides the backlink report you can use to build a disavow file.

Google Alerts

Monitor your competition, keep track of keyword topics, and keep abreast of new blog posts and news articles being published about the topic you want to monitor.  Google Alerts is a tool built to allow you to do all of this – for free!


Topsy is a search tool allowing you to search through the social web for updates relating to the topics you want to research.  Discover what people are saying about your keyword topic with Topsy.  Topsy is a definitive Twitter search tool.

Screaming Frog

Do a full audit of your website to fix title and meta description length, correcting duplicate titles and meta descriptions. Build sitemap files quickly and easily. Find broken links on your website or the websites of others you’d like to get a backlink from.  Screaming Frog is a powerful free spider tool which gives you more information about your website.