Case Study: Filling the Content Channels

The company I currently work for relies heavily on search for lead generation. The problem with this is the company’s success is ultimately controlled by Google’s algorithm. To help diversify lead generation, we are starting to launch other marketing efforts – mainly dipping into brand journalism, multimedia, social media, and email marketing.

Since this is new to most of the people in the marketing department, I took some time to write up how these elements worked together when I was doing digital marketing for Evolution Wines & Spirits a few years ago.  I wanted to show our News Team how they can inspire the Multimedia Team and Social Team and how these channels actually exist in connection with each other.

Since I’m overly honest, I have to say the actual Australian Wines campaign the following presentation represents was not pulled off as cleanly and straight forward as I make it seem. There wasn’t a clear plan to start and we missed out on a lot of opportunity for synergy and engagement.

The presentation gives a very basic introduction how brand journalism can work with multimedia and social channels.

Case study news to multimedia to social from Sean Francis