Why Are You Still Shaving With Plastic Cartridges?

A few months ago, my brother mentioned he had switched from disposable cartridge razors to a safety razor.  This intrigued me and I started investigating safety razors.  I figured they were expensive, complex, impossible to find devices from an ancient era. Sort of like finding a light saber.

In my efforts to find information, I found The Art of Manliness website (a website I desperately needed because I’m pretty damn not manly).  So yes, there was that article on the 5 men who died from shaving… that was a bit off-putting, but I meant to strive in the face of threateningly sharp metal.

My research took me to Amazon and I located a safety razor I could easily afford, a classy looking wooden soap bowl, and a badger hair shaving brush to create that oh so necessary lather.

After I ordered my supplies, I watched a lot of videos on YouTube.  Like this video on shaving tips and tricks and this one on how to create a lather with the brush and shaving soap.  The number of shaving videos available meant I learned a lot about shaving in a very short period of time.

Here’s the rub.  When I got my supplies, I was astonished at the 100 razor blades I received for just 7 dollars.  I’m used to paying a lot more for the plastic cartridge razors.  Yet, when I started unpacking and opening the razor blades, I didn’t feel very confident.  Handling bits of metal that are, well, uh, razor sharp is daunting.

Once loaded, I held the razor to my face and felt pure terror. I was certain I was going to rip my entire face off – just like John Travolta did in that movie Face/Off… or something.  I wasn’t about to back down and took the soap I bought from the very best soap people on the face of the planet, Seventh Sojourn Soap, and plopped it in the bowl and started the process.  The soap is Bay Rum, designed especially for shaving.  I assure you, with the sharp metals, the wet badger hair brush, and the smell of bay rum, I was feeling very manly indeed.

The shave went off without nary a nick, cut, or gushing artery.  It didn’t really take any longer than a normal shave and there is something very pleasant about the ritual of the shave that appeals to me a lot.  The other bonus, besides making me more manly, is metal razor blades can be recycled. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  Care for yourself and care for the planet.

Here’s to a perfect lather and no razor burn!