Universal Geek: Do Awesome Things Because It’s Awesome

Techweeks, Non-Cons, missing TARDIS, and Google love fill this week’s Universal Geek.  We are just four… FOUR episodes away from migrating to our brand spanking new site www.universal-geek.com.  The excitement is palpable.  Okay, it isn’t really palpable, that is just something I say when I’m trying to build hype.  There is no reason to build hype for Universal Geek because it is awesome as it is.

There were a lot of Google stories in this episode and that wasn’t planned. We had a lot of carry over stories and were just sort of cleaning house. Let’s face it though, talking about Apple’s new operating system isn’t very entertaining but talking about Google plus is, at least to us.

Six Strikes and You are on 56K Speeds (Sean)
Top ISPs agree to work with copyright holders (read Big Media) to act as an enforcer against people accused (not proven in court) to be violating copyright.

girl’s life-size TARDIS stolen, then replaced with a new one (Jeff)

Your Brain on Google: Human memory adapts to technology (Bleu)

Hats off to the winners of the inaugural Google Science Fair (Bleu)
All 3 winners were girls.

Google Music now Supports Linux and Ogg Vorbis

Not to be all Google Love but people have full control over the ads Google serves them by going to http://www.google.com/ads/preferences/ and seeing what kinds of things Google thinks they are interested in.

Google+ accounts being deleted

Carmaggedon – the best branding of a repair project ever? (Sean)

Los Angeles Freeway Reopens Ahead Of Schedule