Universal Geek: Harvesting Smurf Pudding

What does Pudding, Cake, and Bacon have in common besides being delicious foods? You’ll have to listen to this week’s Universal Geek podcast to find out!

This week Jeff, Bleu, and Sean talk Klout, Apple, being good ancestors, and why Kickstarter kicks ass.  Oh, and they talk hackers… again.  Can’t help it, as long as hackers keep making the news, Universal Geek is going to gravitate to those stories.

[display_podcast]Klout and other 3d part apps reading your DMs!

LulzSec manifesto: “We screw each other over for a jolt of satisfaction”
Hackers Guide

Now Apple wants to block iPhone users from filming live events with their smartphone

NY Times no longer allowing iPad(& iOS?) to view via web – you must use the app

Progessive Insurance’s Snapshot. This is the way of things to come, and I don’t like it
(and on a side note – I feel weird being a technophobe who cringes at technology like this)
Extrapolation – monitoring probes for our bodies to make sure we eat/exercise correctly for insurance purposes.

The clock that will run for 10,000 years

Barack Obama to Start Tweeting From @BarackObama Account

Could Kickstarter Be Better Than Government Grants for Artists?