Why Joking about The Rapture was Important

Make no mistake, I am a proud blasphemer, unbaptized, an active disbeliever in Christ as a savior, a disbeliever in any form of afterlife, and a person who still believes in a spiritual force.  Reverend Camping made a prediction of Rapture on May 21, 2011.  He was wrong.  Most everyone knew he was wrong.

There were a lot of jokes and poking fun at the potential rapture, but the truth is a lot of people were harmed.  People sold property, divested themselves of their money and prepared quite literally to meet their Maker. Those of us joking about the rapture were accused of not seeing the actual tragedy – not being horrified by the man who planned to kill his pets. I believe it is quite the contrary. See, we are too keenly aware of what happens when religion begins to dictate life and death situations. People get hurt.

Reverend Camping predicted the rapture once before and was wrong.  So he tried again. I am certain he will try once more after today and he won’t be alone. Others are always using the guise of religion to lure people in believing in a Doomsday that never comes but tragedy often does to these folk.  There are a lot of people very eager to see everything come to an end, and it seems it is out of spite. They don’t like homosexuals but realize they are powerless to prevent an entire sexual orientation from happening so they hope for a fiery scourge from the skies to ‘rectify’ the world.

That is not how the world works.  It almost feels like those people who commit suicide to exact some sort of revenge on the people in their lives only they aren’t around to see it.  They want the world to be punished for not existing in their concept of ‘perfection’.   Reasonable debate is not possible with fanatics. Mockery is all that is left.  We need everyone to laugh as hard as possible at Camping so this event is forever burned in our memories.  When the next religious leader predicts Doomsday we can recall this moment.  Life is not about waiting for the end, or accepting destruction.  It is and always has been about the struggle for survival, adapting, growing, expanding, and making sure we continue to exist far into the future.

There never will be a rapture, because that isn’t how the world works.  If an End is predicted, you can bet that I’m not going to go gently in that sweet night, I will rage, rage against the dying of the light.