Where are We Going?


Quo Vadimus.  I’m definitely not the first blogger who took inspiration from this phrase, a phrase I first heard on the Aarin Sorkin TV show Sports Night.  Quo vadimus means in Latin, “Where are we going?”

You know, I haven’t actually looked that up and I’m taking Aaron’s word for it.  Screw it, I have the Internet and the Internet says it is a crappy translation and probably wrong. Well, so much for an enticing introduction to this topic.

As a loyal reader of this blog you know that I have a fascination with failure.  Mainly because I seem to be really good at it and I need to know that it isn’t the end but part of the journey.  The journey is what this is about.  Failure is going to happen.  It will happen more times than anybody will like.  It is better to have a reputation for succeeding, I fully admit, and one shouldn’t set out to fail.  We cannot fear failure. We cannot worry about what reputation we may gather about us and yes, a failure today may make a success tomorrow more difficult. C’est la vie. Where are we going? The journey is not over and the final destination has not been reached.

We can dwell in our moment of failure or we can look at the horizon and find something else to try.

Sadly, dwelling feels so good sometimes.  Like sitting in one of the natural mudbaths, relaxing yet enervating – slowly sapping the will the move on, to take that next step.  I hate I’m not good at recovering from my moments of failure. Even after so much practice, it isn’t easy.

My most recent failures have been in the realms of dating.  The specifics will be covered over two more entries and I promise you will see how this sausage gets made.  It isn’t pretty.

I think the most difficult thing in life is knowing exactly where you are going, knowing exactly what you want, but having no clue how to get there or achieve it.  Where are we going? We can’t get there from here.