Universal Geek: Stalked by Adult Diaper Ads

Abandoned by Jeff, Bleu and Sean push on and take their geeky perspective onto subjects ranging from advertising, Apple, Google, sleep, productivity… dear lord, where do they stop? This episode could be called TangentCast.  And let’s not forget the doughnuts and the food of The Game of Thrones.


Woz returning to Apple?

Google Investing in Solar Tower

Sleep Study on ‘Short Sleepers’

Startup Aims To Build Billboards That Target You, Personally

The Doughnut Vault (http://thedoughnutvault.tumblr.com/)

Game of Thrones Food Truck (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/jacketcopy/2011/03/game-of-thrones-food-trucks-heading-to-la-and-ny.html)

White House IT 30 Years Behind (http://www.fiercegovernmentit.com/story/obama-federal-it-horrible/2011-04-17)


One thought on “Universal Geek: Stalked by Adult Diaper Ads

  1. I’m bummed that I missed this one. There were a lot of great topics. So here are a few thoughts I jotted down while listening…

    – On Sleep:
    I’m a 7 hour guy, but very often pull all-nighters or operate on 5 hours. I don’t like how I feel the day after at all. I hate it, in fact. But when I’m in a creative zone or coding frenzy I do really well with riding it out. I just pay heavily for it the next day.

    – On billboards with facial recognition:
    My passport, license and credit cards are all RF shielded.

    Going back to some previous discussions we’ve had, this is a culture shift that will – not may, but will – require the individual to be hyper-vigilant of their personal data. No one else is going to do it for you.

    Advertisers don’t give a shit about your privacy or your personal space. They will not be conscientious about it. If they have granular data on you, they absolutely will use it unless there is a very substantial financial penalty for doing so that actually impacts the profit margin.

    Sci-fi movie versions of the future show us exactly where advertising is going – it will be literally everywhere and inescapable unless you’re in the middle of the desert, completely off the grid and unplugged.

    Just like Bleu, I can’t watch normal TV without getting angry at the commercials. The interruptions, the volume, the repetition, the horrible production… I’d much rather sit through 1 or 2 ads at a time online than 7 in a row on TV. Although Hulu still showing commercials on paid accounts really pisses me off and has stopped me from buying Hulu Plus.

    Sean’s long-haired african american guy ended up getting a part on the My Name Is Earl cast because of his commercial recognition.

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