Universal Geek: Dioramas of Quantum Mechanics

The prodigal podcaster returns and we rejoice. Jeff, Bleu, and Sean converse about the Jonathon Coulton concert and other nerd music before diving into topics of science, zombies and other random geekery that caught their attention through the week.  Yes, this episode is EXPLICIT because Sean just needed to drop an ‘F’ bomb.

Show notes are below!

Jonathan Coulton
Paul and Storm
I Fight Dragons!
MC Frontalot
Peter Sagal
Machinae Supremacy

Crisis Averted: Lady Gaga Approves ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Parody

Scientists Teleport Light / Schrodinger’s cat

The Curious World of Zombie Science

Rumors are flying that the Higgs Boson may have been found at the LHC

I linked to the Slashdot post here because the comments are really informative, namely:

“Someone left a copy of the note on the printer in my office building. (I work on CDF at Fermilab, but there are others in the building who work on ATLAS at CERN.) The gist of the article is that they found a bump in the diphoton mass spectrum at a mass of ~115 GeV. If the Higgs exists, it is expected to produce a bump in that spectrum, and 115 GeV is a very probable value for the mass of the Higgs. (Experiments at LEP ruled out masses up to 114 GeV, but a mass as low as possible above that fits best with other measurements.)
Now, the inconsistencies: The bump that they found is ~30 times as large as the Higgs mass peak is expected to be. However, due to field theory that I don’t want to get into here, the Higgs peak in this spectrum could be larger than expected if there exist new, heavy particles that we haven’t discovered yet. The latest published result from CDF sets a limit of about 30 times the expected rate at 115 GeV in the diphoton channel. (Yes, this means that, if you’re optimistic enough, there’s just enough wiggle room to fit a Higgs in there while accommodating both measurements.)
The internal note is very preliminary and uses a crude background estimate; I’ll have to see a more thorough analysis before I make any judgment on it. We shouldn’t have to wait very long; I expect that after this leak, they’ll be working overtime to push out a full published result as soon as possible.”

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