Universal Geek: You are Still Wrong


Oh noes! It is the first explicit podcast! The only reason I had to make episode ‘Explicit’ is I presented some audio I took from the C2E2 con and I completely forgot just how many of those naughty words get said while describing adult situations in juvenile ways. 
It really isn’t that bad – but I figured I best give fair warning since the podcast is fairly new.

As I mentioned, this contains interviews from C2E2 as well as some audio recorded from the webcomic panel that Jeff and I raved about last week.  If you didn’t hear last weeks episode, then what are you waiting for… go… listen… absorb and delay your moment of enlightenment for another hour.

Additionally I go over an interesting posting I found on Blastr.com regarding why it was a good thing Firefly got canceled. I know, I know… them there’s fighting words, but there is good reasoning behind such a bold and idiotic statement.

Not much in terms of shownotes except a link to that blastr.com posting.

Firefly getting canceled was a Good Thing