Universal Geek – C2E2 UberNerd!

C2E2 has come and gone. This week Universal Geek offers two, two, two hosts. Jeff Couturier from the excellent webcomic Horde of Neurons joins me to dissect the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.

A lot of links from C2E2:

Food and Comics panel presenters were Rick Bayless, CB Cebulski, and Kevin Pang.
Webcomics: What’s Cooking and here is a bit more about it.
Joel Watson – Hijinks Ensue
Lar DeSouza/Ryan Sohmer – Least I Could Do
Cyanide and Happiness
Danielle Corsetto – Girls with Slingshots

24 Hour Comic Day

Artists in Artist’s Alley

Ramon Perez – should be noted his comic is at butternutsquash.net, not .com sorry for the confusion.
Dawn Griffin
Ken Drab
Brian J. Crowley
Ashley Riot
Nick Meccia

Honorable Mention
World’s Crappiest Sketch artist – Pab Sungenus

4 thoughts on “Universal Geek – C2E2 UberNerd!

  1. I know Im a few months late, but thank you for all the kind words about our panel. If you have any desire to hear it again, it’s recorded and archived here:¬†http://podcast.hijinksensue.com/2011/03/25/episode-82-c2e2-2011-webcomics-roundtable/

    • The panel was a definite highlight of C2E2. ¬†Thanks for posting the link to the entire audio of the panel. There was a lot of great information and discussion presented, there was no way we could cover it all in a meaningful way.

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