Nobody Uses the Internet on Friday

Hail and welcome mighty conqueror of the digital way. You have traveled far and probably have many glorious tales to tell, but if you could just wait for a moment and listen to the following lecture on time-share vacation homes you will reach further levels of enlightenment.

There, that scared off the riff-raff, now we can get down to the real business of Fridays… using the Internet because no one else is.

I was directed to something amusing the other day.  Over at 30G030, there is a calculator that shows you what you can do if you spend 30 minutes a day over 30 days.  Like if you spent that time reading or writing, it will show you what can be accomplished over a month, a year, and 5 years. Heavy exercise over 5 years… well, it’s one way to make a person disappear, that’s all I have to say about it.

You know, I haven’t visited failure in awhile.  Failure is such a nifty thing when it is other people who are doing the failing.

epic fail photos - Festival Name FAIL
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That actually leaves me a bit speechless. Texas Testicle Festival? I would think there is something very un-Southern Christian about mentioning balls and Jesus. Obviously I’m wrong. Texans don’t have any issue with thinking about Jesus’s balls. I do… so I’m moving on…

Onto a completely honest first date.

Okay, I fully admit the only reason I included this video is because the woman is in Sonic commercials and I have a crush on her. There, that’s my dirty little secret. And that isn’t even a Sonic hamburger she’s eating, is it?

I’m filled with shame now. As much shame as a Texan thinking about testicles and Jesus.