What Happened to The Second Impulse?

At one point in time when you visited this site it was called ‘The Second Impulse’ which was a reference to something Baltazar Gracian said.  I’m not going to get into what it means, but as I delve deeper into my career development, I needed to create greater focus in how this blog broadcasts information in its RSS feeds, Twitter links, and all that noise.  So the blog goes through a minor change… most people probably didn’t even know the blog had a title different than the site. That was part of the problem, it was fracturing my ‘web identity’.

How does this affect you, my loyal readers? Hopefully it doesn’t have any effect on you at all.  But if it does for some crazy reason, this is my apology to you.

Yes, this is a bit of a meta post, but I think it is good to do a little station keeping and maintenance within the blog.  Now, back to our regular scheduled web.

2 thoughts on “What Happened to The Second Impulse?

  1. Sean –
    I found from my own experience when changing my blog format that readers whom were familiar with the old set up did not recognize me or my blog.

    It has helped me to do announcement posts with a big – Changes icon at the top.

    btw – I think your new set up does look a lot more professional.

    • I think my readers won’t notice since the only thing that changed was the name so when the SEO title is generated it contains my name so I’m more connected with the content. A few other minor changes are happening as well but I don’t want to draw big arrows to each and every widget and plug-in that I add. A lot of my readers follow my content via RSS, so they probably didn’t even know what the actual website looks like in the first place. 🙂

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