Nobody Uses the Internet on Friday: Below the Fold Edition

Salutations brethren of the digital life. On this Friday I’m dong doing something a little different.  I became fascinated with news sites this week and I figured since it is Friday and nobody is using the Internet we could play a little game.  Okay, it isn’t much of a game since there is no interaction and I’m just going to tell you stuff, but you can make pew-pew-pew sounds and pretend.

What I became fascinated with was headlines and topics used on different news websites.  So just for fun, I’m going to list out headlines from 5 different news sites: CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Fox, and NPR.  You then guess which site the headline is from.  See, it is sort of game like.

Starting off, the top news story for today on the different sites:

1. GOP Set to Vote Party’s Future
2. Berlusconi faces questioning in prostitution inquiry
3. Government In Tunisia Declares State Of Emergency
4. Tunisia calls state of emergency
5. Emergency rule imposed in Tunisia

I know that was tricky, right.  Well here is the answer. 1 is Fox, 2 is CNN, 3 is NPR, 4 is BBC, and 5 is Al Jazeera.  3 out of 5 think Tunisia is important, 1 thinks Belusconi’s prostitute issues are the most important story of the day and the last one thinks it is all about who the GOP elect as party chair.

Let’s try below the fold, or below the first screen, however you want to say it.  Points are doubled this round. Ready?

1. Army’s ‘Spiritual Fitness’ Test Angers Some Soldiers
2. Women Want Casual Sex Too
3. Hariri returns to face crisis
4. Spider-Man musical delayed
5. Spider-Man opening delayed again

Another tricky set wasn’t it, yet one of these probably was really easy to guess, am I right?  Here are the answers. 1 is NPR. 2 is Fox. 3 is Al Jazeera. 4 is CNN. 5, much to my surprise was BBC.

Finding salacious headlines on Fox is all too easy. The most salacious headline I found on NPR’s website was ‘Voltaire In Love’: An Ardent, Intellectual Affair’.  Steamy, right?

It does matter where we get our news. Any one source is going to leave you hopelessly clueless.  I know you are here for the ‘ha ha’ not the ‘hmmm’ but our country received YET ANOTHER WAKE UP CALL and we get to choose to hit the snooze button, yet again or poke our heads out of our safe little bubbles and explore the world a bit.  I’m not sure how many wake up calls we get as a nation before the cosmic forces give up on us, so maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to hit the snooze button.

Wait… wake up calls don’t have snooze buttons. Quick, the metaphor is falling apart, abandon post, abandon post!

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  1. Hi Sean…but I’m going to point out your grammar check fail…
    “On this Friday I’m dong something a little different”.

    ding ding ding if you found the missing letter in one of the words in that sentence.

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