In This Decade…

Nothing and I do mean this in a non-hyperbolized way, nothing recharges the soul better than hope. If you want to immediately divert the conversation into what is meant by ‘the soul’ put a pin in that and at some point I’ll come back to that topic. Probably when I’m on my deathbed and have a better sense of what it is since it will be slipping from my fingers. Until then, bear with me and interpret the concept of ‘the soul’ in whatever capacity you wish. For me it is the animus of our existence. There happy? We are already on a tangent in the first paragraph.

photo by LimarieC

What is hope? There, now we are back on track. I used to think of hope in terms of blind optimism. Hope is the reason why the Doctor told Martha Jones to destroy the Osterhagen Key, because there is never (let me say this again, over and over, a billion times until you, me, and that head of nearly sentient cabbage over there understands) is a reason to give up hope. Even if we are sliding down into oblivion like the toys in Toy Story 3, we should never give up hope. Even if we are meeting our end, let’s meet it with hope in our hearts.

I promise that is all the ‘geekiness’ there will be in this posting because now we move onto the thing that infused my soul with hope recently. On Twitter there is often some hashtag making the round and mostly it is a bit of comedy, like #WookieLeaks which were leaked secrets about the Star Wars universe. Or #lessambitiousmovies which posited alternative titles for movies that would make them seem … less ambitious. On Friday I came across #inthisdecade and was fascinated. These were sort of resolution statements but instead of thinking in terms of what they want to do in the following year, people were stating what they want their next decade to be like.

What truly fascinated me was the commonality of the tweets. The earnestness, and the microcosm of drama each 140 character statement held. I’m going to share some of my favorites, the humorous and the heartfelt.

  • DeathStarPR: #InThisDecade we want to listen more, oppress less & show that we really care. And blow up more evil planets, obviously. #DeathStarCares
  • steph_spencer21: #Inthisdecade I will plan less and do more.
  • ThePQ4: #InThisDecade I want to write more, get published, be less annoyed with stupidity, read a LOT, fall in love, be happier.
  • TheBadNewsFairy: #Inthisdecade I will travel the world, build a scholarship, create something that is wonderful and all my own, and learn to FLY!
  • ceca_ceac: #inthisdecade I want to grow young, travel the world, play, read, sing, laugh, love, write, draw, paint, watch, swear, drink, love, love
  • Magdalenhsuli: #inthisdecade I want to become an amazing mother, live life with my loving lover, write a hit song, adventure in & explore Europe…
  • keldahudson: #inthisdecade I want to be happy, find home and feel comfortable in my own shell
  • galatea_xvii: #inthisdecade I will write, live, love intensely, keep in touch, do, search for experiences, draw, create, teach, appreciate
  • MeganNoelle: #inthisdecade I want to –no I WILL– see the world, learn to have fun and live life to the fullest, and change others’ lives for the better
  • Lorelle_Lohman: #InThisDecade I want to learn to live without constantly needing to justify myself to myself.
  • MotuseeBushkuzu: #InThisDecade I will stop being scared. I will stop surviving and start living. I will love. Truly.
  • moleshollow: #InThisDecade I want to enjoy these crazy-cool girls who are in my care, relinquish worrying, love my boy, and finish my stupid book
  • Sarah_Love89: #inthisdecade I want to live without limits, Love without fear, and accomplish something that makes me and my family/friends proud.
  • an_jolie: #inthisdecade I want to laugh my way through every challenge that comes around
  • DarcyMoran: #InThisDecade We will imitate the quick brown fox of the future and bound confidently over the lazy dogs of existence.
  • Cakes65: #InThisDecade I will rock my 40’s, earn more laugh lines, learn to play the fiddle, try more kindness, and believe in more.
  • heysayfey: #inthisdecade – I promise to show more love to my peers and family, and to wish more harmony amongst people.
  • the_real_tyler: #inthisdecade I will write, fight for my writing, learn an instrument, travel abroad, drink fine whiskey, and refuse to stop dreaming.
  • VictryAngel619: #inthisdecade I will love harder, deeper & with reckless abandon even at the risk of being hurt by loving myself first.

Even as I write these out, there are more being Tweeted. There are common themes centered on love and family. Spending more time with loved ones, finding love, creating families. I can’t help but think all of us sort of put our lives on pause after September 11, 2001. I hate to refer back to that, but I know how I reacted and I shut down. Just started going through the motions. Disaster loomed on the horizon. We started going to war. Everything was put on hold, but the emotional desires kept coming, building up.

Fear can’t stop life, it can only postpone it. I read these messages all these people are sending off into the universe, expressions of their desires, and I can’t help but look at the future in much more optimistic, hopeful terms. I don’t have a lot of evidence things are going to be better. The tragic murders and attempted murders in Tucson and the resulting fingerpointing at the motives of the gunman certainly isn’t a bright spot. Yet, I think the anger, the language of hate, the symbols of violence in our current political environment is also part of the emotional build up I’m talking about in reference to the Tweets.

We want more control over our lives and we want to use that control to find love and happiness. We want to be successful in the way we personally define success. Together we are hoping for love, for family, for a sense of self-worth, and for our lives to no longer be ruled by fear.