A Toast to the Holidays

Nothing new here, just collecting links to all my great cocktail recipes to help make your holidays bearable, annoying, or festive, depending on how you perceive the use of alcohol in social situations.

A winter classic so good they made a song about it.

Lemon Drop
No one says a winter cocktail can’t remind you of a warm summer day. Why not give this a shot, or turn it into a shot. I’m not picky.

Six Dollhouse inspired Cocktails

So, without the television show, these cocktails don’t make much sense. I still stand behind them as good drinks, though. Medicinal Carrots, The Treatment, Echotini, The Topher, The Attic, and Mag – a personal favorite.

Five Hot Drinks
Nothing beats back the cold rush of winter like a hot beverage in your hands and belly.  A present to all, five hot drinks to serve to your friends and families or horde for yourself like some miserly Grinch. The Alpine, Nutty Irish Coffee, Canadian Hot Toddy, Mulled Wine, and the Cure All.

What are some of your favorite holiday drinks?