Nobody Uses the Internet on Fridays

Hello? Is this thing on? Does anyone even bother coming here since it has been two weeks since anything new has been posted.  Have people stopped  using this blog on all the days of the week?

This is supposedly where I go on a little apology rant about how I’ll never abandon you ever again and how I’ve got great things in the works, yada yada yada.  You’ve heard it before and I’m not going to blow sunshine up your naughty parts.  You know and I know that I’ve been on a secret mission for the government and haven’t been able to bring you the insightfulness you’ve grown accustomed to.  No apology, I was serving the greater glory of the country.

Now that we have that pesky business out of the way and you feel appropriately foolish for questioning my commitment to this blog versus the commitment to the Red White and Blue, I can ask this very serious question.

When did Weebles become ravers?

Bring out the Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, glowsticks, and pacifiers… actually the pacifiers may not be a bad idea.

Is this just a sign that I’m old.  I guess there are techno tweekers out there  who are having kids and would respond to this, but I’m wondering where was the Goth version for my generation.

If only I could sing so I could add “Weebles Wobble – won’t fall, Weebles Wobble – won’t fall, fall down, fall down, fall down, fall down, fall down, fall down.”  Of course that only makes sense to you if you know the Bauhaus song Bela Legosi’s Dead, which since Halloween approaches you might as well add it to your collection.

Switching gears (which is what I say when I can’t find a convenient segue between one topic and another) have you considered what it would take to live forever? Would you believe McDonald’s may have the answer? Of course you wouldn’t, because you are smarter than that. But what is downright freaky what New York artist Sally Davies is documenting on a daily basis. Every day she takes a picture of a McDonald’s happy meal to document its decay. After six months, the happy meal hasn’t decayed. Yum!

I’m more fascinated by the McDonald apologists who commented on the story linked above. The following was of particular interest to me:

My guess is that since this was started 6 months ago, this was initally stored in a place with a low tempature and very low humidity (March). After the first two to four weeks….it really does not matter where it is stored and how long. Preservatives have very little to do with what happens to it after the initial time period.
– Eric, Arlington, VA – USA, 14/10/2010 18:27

Yes, the cooler climate of March protected the meal. I’m a bachelor. I don’t always do my dishes in a timely fashion. I leave a burger out for three days and degradation is obvious. Bread molds. I don’t know what fries do because I eat all my fries and never have any to leave out. It is disturbing. People should be disturbed by this.