Nobody Uses the Internet on Fridays

Okay, here is an interesting factoid. Since the Internet isn’t used on Fridays, I can break the rules and do things like hijack my own blog post to present a video.  What’s that you say? It is really self serving of me and not in the spirit of the Nobody Uses the Internet on Fridays?  Huh. You are probably correct in that assertion.  Good thing I’m perfectly okay with being wrong.  Tally ho!

Okay, so that probably is only funny to people who play role playing games but I don’t really care. I do care enough to offer up a unicorn chaser, though.

I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist but what interest would the FBI have in John Lennon thirty year’s after the famous Beatle’s death? When Lennon’s fingerprint card from his U.S. citizenship application was put up for auction, the FBI swooped in and seized it. The official FBI response said they were concerned that someone stole the card from Lennon’s file. And even though that story does mesh with the fact a file went missing in 1976, doesn’t mean the FBI isn’t seizing Lennon’s fingerprints to prevent someone from learning the fact Lennon was the second shooter in the Kennedy assassination. And an alien.

This line of thought actually made me to a regretful Google search: Beatles Fan Fic. Allow me to share with you some gems that I came across. Warning, some of this stuff is not meant for sensitive readers.

excerpt from Dharma by Brittany H. Starlitska

“That girl is drummin’ me song!” I heard an English man say. I twisted my head back to find Ringo Starr sitting behind me.
“You’re gonna lose that girl, right?” He said laughing, “You’re better than me at it!”
“Thanks,” I said laughing and turned back around.
“you mean you aren’t gonna scream or ask for me autograph or anything?” He asked.
“No, I don’t wanna scare ya!” I said shaking his hand. “The name is Dharma” I said nervously.
“Me mates are comming to sit down next to ya. You don’t mind do ya?” he asked.
“If that’s where their seat is!” I said chuckling. Sure enough, john Lennon comes sitting next to me!

excerpt Days in the Life by Tina M. Kukla

Cheryl was actually silent for about five seconds. I smiled, thinking: Ladies and gentleman, we’re hearing history in the making–Cheryl Hawthorne speechless!
“That jerk!” she said. “I would’ve given him a bloody nose if he’d done that to me… after he found out you were mad at him, what was his excuse?”
“He told me it wasn’t his fault.”
“Oh, hmph; yeah, right,” she muttered. “That’s an original one… what a crock…”
“But, I mean, he did try apologizing again later; he wrote me a note. I don’t know… it sounded somewhat sincere,” I said, twirling the phone cord around my finger. “And he’s been really quiet since it happened, like he’s afraid to talk to me anymore.”
“Paul? Afraid to talk to someone? Jesus, he must be upset; he’s the biggest talker in the group.”

excerpt from With Strings Attached by D. Aviva Rothschild

Aurion shrugged. “John, what did I tell you to do?”
Snapping to attention, he thumped a hollow tree behind him. “Kill anyone who tries to steal your treasure!” He caught up in one hand the greatsword she’d given him and waved it around inexpertly, shearing off a thin branch on another tree and scattering leaf-bits everywhere.
Her laughter was every bit as musical as her touch. “Sharp! That sword be two-handed for any other wielder.” Then her face grew serious, and ducking under the sword—which John hastily set down—she stuck her hand in the tree and came up with two small drawstring bags. “These be my treasures. I’d keep them with me, but the gods want you to be entrusted with them. You will prevent them from being taken by anyone except myself or Sarekyl.”
“I’ll carry them in my pockets!” John exclaimed. “No one’ll ever get through me to them!”

While I find these to be humorous in subject matter and style, I do not judge. Lord knows I’ve written my fair share of crappy fanfic that still haunts the internet today.

In all of the fiction regarding The Beatles, the fact is often just as weird. John Lennon was seen as a threat to the United State’s war in Vietnam and was targeted by the CIA and FBI. No conspiracy hat here, all that is true and documented.

Now please excuse me while I write a secret agent thriller story staring the Fab Four and The Rolling Stones.  Mick Jagger has supervillain written all over him.