Going Beyond Survival to Thriving

Ririan Project presents a great blog post, How To Help Yourself Thrive in Your Daily Life, on going beyond day-to-day survival to day-to-day thriving.  I love these very simple suggestions, but my inner pessimist (inner? seems to be on the outside) rankles a bit at some of these because they are stated in such a simple way.

Consider, Learn to Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes.  It is a great and brilliant concept and one I sorely need to learn.   I have this problem of integrating my forgiveness with the fact no one forgets.  It is the coming to terms with my past mistakes so I can live with them and not be haunted by them.  Inevitably I’ll be at a social function and someone will bring up one of my many failures, mistakes, whatever and instead of owning and accepting it, I feel shame.  What is forgiveness? Forgiving is not forgetting and just because others have forgiven me does not mean they forgot.  Just because I have forgiven myself does not mean I’ve forgotten.  If I am feeling shame, then obviously I haven’t forgiven myself.  I’ll take that up with my therapist.

The Ririan Project is focusing on thriving which really is about leaving behind the little anchors, the little roadblocks that clinging to negativity creates.  The post also points out that it isn’t enough to leave behind the negative but to also acknowledge the positive things in our lives.  I am doing better at this than I normally have in the past.

The whole concept of this post is brilliant.  I think too often we focus on just how to get by, how to muddle through difficult times.  I like the idea that we need to start focusing on how to thrive, grow, truly own our lives.