The Time I Spend on My Droid

Chart of Time Spent on Droid

The blush has come off the rose a bit.  Just a bit.  I still love my Motorola Droid phone but lately I seem to be spending a lot of time updating the applications I first downloaded.  It has gotten to a point that certain apps, if I only use them once or twice a month, I delete them.   I still want the app, but when my update list is six to seven apps long and I have to go through several screen presses to update each one, it just isn’t worth it.  My time is more valuable than that.

Let’s take one of the apps I nuked yesterday.  Bump.  Bump lets you transfer data from one Android phone to another Android phone through a physical gesture.  I’ve never had an opportunity to use it, but that sucker asks for an update every other week or so.  Quite annoying.  So I’m starting to trim back the apps I am running on my Droid, which makes my Droid feel less awesome than it felt when I first got it.

I’m hoping that Google realizes that people don’t want to spend all their time updating apps and finds a way to let me select all the one I want to update and update them all in just a few screen presses.  Voila! I don’t mind spending a few seconds to update apps, I do mind the mindless repetitive screen pressing it takes to update six or seven apps.  I suddenly feel like I’m playing Farmville or farming gold in World of Warcraft only without the social component and the cool gear.