Nobody uses the Internet on Friday

You know the drill. It is Friday. Nobody is using the Internet. Speaking of drill, have you heard about this thing going on down in the Gulf of Mexico? If you haven’t then this should catch you up on what is going on. It is the BP Oil Spill disaster as performed by cats.

Can we all agree that we hate BP?

Hate, hate is so cool. Especially when that hate is directed towards an ex-wife’s wedding dress. You can see this in action at the appropriately named blog My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress. See Mr. Cotter is a jilted husband and he has taken his emotional pain and turned it into entertainment for all of us. This has made the rounds on regular media but I just learned of this phenomenon. Check out it. The dude is making coffee with his ex-wife’s wedding dress! Outrageous! He is using it as a skirt… for a Christmas tree! Oh my god, he must be seething with rage. His ex-wife must be so devastated. She probably loved that dress.

As much as I want to make fun of him, I do admire his efforts in turning an awful situation into something cool and funny.

The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. 19 people got arrested the night the Blackhawks won. All night long people drove around the city and honked their car horns, set off firecrackers, and shot guns… because that is what you do when you are celebrating a sporting event victory. Luckily, most of the Blackhawks fans are not like Rich Young, resident of Carol Stream, Illinois. Rich has a giant diesel train air horn installed in his yard and he blows it every time the Blackhawks score. If they win, he blows it three times.


On that long blasting triumphant note, it is time to put the Internet away. It has a long day ahead of it tomorrow.