Thank Goodness It’s Today

Have a Great DayWhy does Friday get all the love? I still have to go to work on Friday.  The only difference between Friday and Monday is I’m looking forward to the weekend on Friday.  Even if I have a bad day on Friday, I still get the weekend.  So the real difference between TGIF and TGIM is the expectation of something good coming soon after.

If I follow this admittedly simplistic logic to one of the many possible conclusions, as long as I have something to look forward to each and every day, then I can appreciate each and every day as if it were a Friday.

It is hard to find things to look forward to more than time away from the daily grind, but what if you really loved your job?  Then each day you’d wake up and look forward to the opportunity to do what you love.  What if you were just plain in love and every day was a day you got to wake up and see, be with, the person you were in love with? I’m not trying to push some sort of ‘appreciate each day’ snake-oil here.  We have to find something to appreciate or make something worth appreciating each and every day.

Living your day to day life in a rut is the biggest detractor from having positive expectations.  If you already know what your day is going to be like because of routine then you have nothing to look forward to.  Break up the routine.  Destroy the rut.  Dangle treats in front of yourself on a daily basis.  These can be literal treats, foods you crave, or abstract treats.  If you really like the television series Lost, then make sure you schedule time to watch the latest episode and make it an event for yourself.  Put it on the calendar so when you see that list of appointments and meetings you also see that reminder of something to look forward to.

Make a special night for yourself in the middle of the week where you do something you don’t normally do on a week day.  See a movie in a movie theater in the middle of the week, or set aside a night to visit with friends.  I’m not saying create an obligation that you begin to dread.  These are to be moments that you value and treasure.  Things you put on your calendar that make you smile when you look at them.

Why can’t we all wake up each day and be happy that it is finally today, because we’ve been looking forward to today all week.  We may not be able to make everyday a day to look forward to, but we can make most of them that kind of day.

Thank Goodness It’s Today!