Nobody Uses the Internet on Fridays

Do you ever have one of those moments where you know you’ve forgotten something but you can’t remember what it is? That is what I’m going through right now. Right now, isn’t something supposed to be happening? Wait. That’s it. Nothing is happening because it is Friday and nobody uses the Internet on Fridays!

Since I seemed to be stupid today, let me distract you from my stupidity by this guy’s stupidity. Hey, it is probably more important to have someone watching out for traffic than filming you. But I guess fame requires video proof.

Oh, since I seem to have started off with stupidity, I’ll continue with stupidity. Exchange Bar & Grill has decided it needed a gimmick as all the finer dining and drinking establishments have gimmicks. Exchange decided it needs to have a menu where the prices fluctuate based on the demand for the items. Seriously. Isn’t that such a clever gimmick. A customer sits down and has to follow a ticker tape to catch the price of a pint of Guinness.

What I want to know is if I send my meal back after the price goes up, do I get refunded at the new price? Can I corner the market on blooming onions? I know I can spread a rumor that the chicken sandwich is tainted so no one orders it and the price drops so I can buy one for a bargain! Maybe this isn’t such a stupid concept after all.

Normally stupidity just saddens me. And sometimes it angers me. Grr. Anger. Grr. Seriously, it is hard enough for guys like me to meet women, but those jerks who cat-call and harass women hurt my chances even more.

The study showed that in addition to feeling upset, women were more likely to take the sexist remark as an insult to their gender, and feel greater anger and motivation to take direct action toward men in general.

“Women are obviously implicated because they suffer direct negative consequences as targets of prejudice and, as the current work demonstrates, indirect consequences as bystanders,” the researchers said in the study.

“But sexism also harms men as well. Whenever a single man’s prejudiced actions are attributed to his gender identity, male perpetrators impact how women view and react to men generally.”

So stop it you morons. I need every ounce of help I can get. You idiots out there are raising the hurdle on me!

Okay now I’m too angry to use the Internet anymore. I’m putting it away and kicking my furniture.