Android App of the Week: Camera Magic

The Droid camera is a great little camera. I do have all sorts of personal issues with it because I haven’t learned how to take a good colorful picture with it, yet. That is more my own learning curve since I’ve seen some great uncorrected photos taken with the Droid camera. One of my biggest issues with all cameras of this nature is they force people to take the same kind of picture of themselves – arm outstretched, camera at a weird angle, and in general not the most photogenic picture one could take.

Camera Magic is a photo app that gives some control over the picture taking process. The biggest best feature of Camera Magic is the timer. This lets the picture taker set the phone down, get into a pose, and have a relatively normal picture taken. Of course what sucks is having to run back and forth between the posed shot and the phone to get multiple shots taken. Camera Magic tackles that issue as well with a Burst option. This allows several pictures to be taken with a set interval of time between each photo. This little app won’t replace the regular camera, but does offer options to make picture taking even more fun than it already was.