Mixology Meets Molecular Gastronomy

High-tech tipples: The future of cocktails – New Science

There you are, sitting at the bar, faced with so many different cocktail combinations but the truth of it is you have become jaded.  You’ve done the tequila shooters, sipped your share of champagne cocktails, swilled cheap gin, savored aged rum, and hoisted many shot glasses of vodka in the name of perestroika, glasnost, and Anna Kournikova.  Your life of decadence has forced you to pursue more and more extreme cocktails.  You’ve had them flaming, you’ve had them with food additives that melted your tongue, you’ve had them served to you as body shots and you still crave that next new thrill.

Molecular gastronomy, that culinary art that uses hard core science to craft foods, has turned its analytical eye towards the cocktail.  Prepare to be dazzled and to experience cocktails in an entirely different way.  It is no longer about gin, bourbon, vodka, rum, and the other spirits, it is about the chemicals, the very essence of the cocktail.

It was a dry martini with colloidal silver suspended in the drink, served on a coaster infused with leather essence to evoke the interior of a vintage car. “I’m interested in metallic flavours and minerality,” he says. “We all know what these taste like, from tasting blood and mineral water. Juniper berries are quite metallic. I’d like to create a cocktail out of these metallic flavours. An alchemic cocktail.”

It sounds like science fiction but it is just science.  Pure nerdy wonderful science.

Now to set up my own vacuum lab….