Nobody Uses the Internet on Friday

I woke up this morning and discovered it was Friday which meant it was time for another random ‘whatever tickle’s my fancy’ post because nobody uses the internet on Friday.

When life gives you lemons…

What do you do when you have reservations at the world’s best restaurant with your boyfriend and then you break up with him?  Do you abandon the once in a lifetime trip or do you turn it into an opportunity for fun and excitement?  Australian food scientist, Jules Clancy, has turned the bad break into a contest to find a dinner companion at El Bulli in Spain on December 15th.  I dare say she will have more fun with this than if she would have gone with her boyfriend.

I’m told the newspaper business is really suffering.  I think I may have figured out why.  The reporters have just stopped caring about the quality of their work.
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What is a Friday without a little video action.  Let me describe the juicy layers of geekness of this video just in case you aren’t ‘in the know’ like I am.  Parry Gripp is in a  punk band called Nerf Herder who among other things did the theme song for Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv).  Nerf Herder is a bit of derogatory nomenclature utilized by Princess Leia in Star Wars to put Han Solo in his place.  In this video, the girl is Olivia Munn from Attack of the Show! I think that is enough for you to truly appreciate why this video is awesome.