Six Dollhouse Inspired Cocktails

Medicinal Carrots

1 oz of Carrot Juice
1 oz of DeKuyper Orange Curacao

Shake in cocktail shaker with ice.

Served as a shot.

I don’t want to dwell on this, I mean, it’s just carrots, okay.  Carrots, they give you better eyesight.  They are good for you.  Why are you looking at me like that?  You will be shocked at how good this shot is.  And the bright orange color is just awesome.

The Treatment

1 oz DeKuyper Island Blue
1 oz DeKuyper Creme de Menthe

Shake in cocktail shaker with ice.

Served as a shot.

A pleasant feeling, something you always accept when offered, but it lingers and haunts you.  As good as it may taste, you know deep down that the treatment is messing with your brain and that isn’t a good thing.


1 oz Hornitos Plata Tequila
1.5 oz Cranberry Juice
.5 oz Dekuyper Raspberry Rush

Add all to cocktail shaker with ice.

Strained into a martini glass

Sweet, sexy, and able to kick your ass, the Echotini rocks just as much as Echo or should I say Caroline?

She has such a strong personality, a strong sense of self that it seeps through the treatments.  Let’s not forget she is beautiful.

The Topher

2.5 oz Bawls
1 oz Cruzan Dark Rum
.5 oz DeKuyper Peachtree

Fill a highball glass with ice, add the rum and DeKuyper to the glass, give it a stir and top with the Bawls.

He is a messed up squirrely genius who might destroy the world.  That doesn’t happen with dulled senses so The Topher ups the caffeine, lowers the alcohol and still looks sophisticated so he can hang with the likes of Adelle while they raid his drawer of inappropriate starches.

The Attic

1 oz of cold coffee
1 oz of Effen vodka
.5 oz of DeKuyper Amaretto
.5 oz of Canadian Club Whisky

Add all to cocktail shaker with ice to mix, then pour into glass.

Served over ice in a highball glass.

A threat, a punishment, a version of hell on Earth – everyone associated with the Dollhouse knows to fear The Attic, it makes everyone a bit nutty.


1.5 oz Effen vodka
.5 oz Dekuyper Creme de Cassis
Top with 7-up

Stir the Effen and Creme de Cassis in cocktail shaker with ice, pour into highball glass and top with 7-Up.

Served over ice in a highball glass.

Welcome to the future, welcome to the redheaded kick-ass woman who is going to lead you to safety.  Meet Mag.  Oh sure,  Mag is sweet (c’mon, we all know this is Felicia Day, right?), but there is an undercurrent of bitterness.  You’d be bitter too if you have seen some of your best friends’ personalities transformed by Dollhouse tech in a horrific dystopian future.