He's Got Jokes

I want to make movies.  Awhile back I did a whole bunch of filming with my two cameras but the sound quality just sucked.  Wasn’t too happy with the video quality either, but I already knew that was a problem.  I cut the footage together and but was over 10 minutes long and that is YouTube’s cutoff time.  It took so much effort to edit it, that I didn’t have the energy to go back and recut it.

I’ve got the itch to start making movies again, though my equipment is still sub-par.  I fired up my programs and started going through all my old stuff.  Great projects like Creatively Stupid, dumb projects like Ask Mike Kruhl, and then I opened the folder for He’s Got Jokes and rewatched it.  This is not the best piece of video narrative you’ll see, but I think it is pretty good.  Except for the sound.   And the fact I don’t enunciate.  E-nunce-i-ate.

This is a work of pure fiction, there is no girl who thought I wasn’t funny.  Let’s be realistic.  I’m hilarious.