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What is SEO?

Posted on by Sean

What is SEO? WordcloudRecently on LinkedIn one of the individuals I follow posted a humorous video from Digital Third Coast regarding SEO.  In the video, random people in Chicago are asked the question “what is SEO?”  They attempt to give their answers but really demonstrate people don’t know what SEO is.

I’ve found even within technical savvy circles, there isn’t a lot of consensus of what SEO is, the value it may or may not give to a website, and what it actually means to perform SEO on a website.  I laughed at the video and went on with my day only to return to the question over and over. What is SEO? Continue reading “What is SEO?” »


Case Study: Filling the Content Channels

Posted on by Sean

The company I currently work for relies heavily on search for lead generation. The problem with this is the company’s success is ultimately controlled by Google’s algorithm. To help diversify lead generation, we are starting to launch other marketing efforts – mainly dipping into brand journalism, multimedia, social media, and email marketing.

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Linkbuilding with Sean McGinnis at ContentJam 2013

Posted on by Sean

Link BuildingA  necessary component of search engine optimization is linkbuilding. That is the process of going out and convincing other websites that are better than yours to put a link to your site on theirs. For many of us who proclaim to be digital professionals in the web-o-sphere, building links … okay let’s step right here. I think that term is one of the reasons why people do this wrong often.

You don’t build links, you earn them.

A link from one website to yours is a vote, that web team is saying “hey, look over here, this other site that isn’t our own that we get nothing from and thus have no reason to point it out other than it is doing something cool is doing something cool and we like it!” unless of course they attach that awful ‘nofollow’ clause to their link which could be their way of saying ‘hey that website is doing something dumb ad we are laughing at it’.

Links are earned by creating great content which brings us to what Sean McGinnis said in his engaging presentation at ContentJam 2013.  Here are my notes from the presentation.
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Use Social Media to Turn Customers into Friends

Posted on by Sean

Customer service builds relationships
I just finished listening to an episode of Under the Influence a radio show/podcast hosted by Terry O’Reilly.  The topic of this particular episode was Customer Service. While the entire program focused on some of the standards we know and love – like Zappos providing mind-blowing service, Apple’s retail experience being one of the best in the electronics industry, and Ritz-Carlton doing everything to exceed customer expectations, I couldn’t help but think in terms of social media.
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Three Elements of Engaging Social Media Content

Posted on by Sean

Three Elements of Engaging Social Media
A friend had me over for dinner the other night and we ended up discussing social media marketing, what it was and what made the random updates made by regular people any different to the marketing efforts by brands, companies, and others with a specific interest in compelling followers  to take an action.  The conversation tied directly to a discussion I had with a potential client on my personal paradigm for effective social media content.

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Why Your Social Media Marketing Fails to Convert Followers Into Customers

Posted on by Sean

You’ve listened to gurus at conferences, followed all the advice, listened to several podcasts, and have dived in head first into social media. You Tweet, Pin, Share, Like, and do all the things you see everyone else doing. You even managed to get a sizable following of people behind you but you haven’t seen a change in your bottom line. In fact, the amount of time you spend taking pictures, writing status updates, and blog posts, you might actually be losing money!

Is it all a scam? Is social media marketing the snake oil of the modern era or are you doing something wrong?  Before giving up on one of the best tools for small business to compete against corporate giants, let’s examine what you are doing with your social media marketing by asking a few questions.

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